FIREFIGHT Concept Course

This course introduces you to an innovative outdoor concept for fighting indoor fires, leading to no killed or injured firefighting personnel and efficient damage reduction.

This movie describes the FireFight concept, click on the picture to see the movie.

FireFight Concept addresses the urgent need for changing completely the present policy of responding to a fire inside a burning building. Too many responders are killed or injured each year in the European Union (EU).


A new concept and methodology with advanced technical equipment in a holistic solution have therefore been developed and translated into this course. This means that in the future the fighting of fires will be conducted from the outside of the building under satisfactory health and safety conditions and with significantly improved efficiency, leading to no killed of injured firemen and much less damage.


This FireFight Concept e-learning course will help you to get a basic theoretical knowledge. The course includes the following components (you find them at the navigation bar further up).


         Fire behaviour

         Thermal imaging

         Cutting and extinguishing


         How to use the tools in a coherent system (The Firefight concept)